Castelnau de Guers: the charm of a village (2km)

Castelnau-de-Guers is a rural village located between the Mediterranean coast and the foothills of the Cevennes, in the heart of the area AOC Picpoul de Pinet. Built on a rocky outcrop overlooking the valley of the Hérault, the medieval village of Castelnau-de-Guers, a prestigious heritage, owes its name to Barons Guers who inhabited the castle altered over the centuries.

You will fall in love with the church of Saint Sulpice in the imposing appearance of a fortress. A little away, the Hermitage Saint Antoine overlooks the valley of the Hérault River, plunging the walker in a sea of ​​vines ranging from scrubland to the sea

A strange place called « The rock fairies » lunar landscape sculpted by erosion, the charming nearby chapel of Saint Nicolas Talpuciac. Saint Anthony and Saint Nicolas are on the marked footpath of St. Anthony which to discover the beautiful landscapes.

Landmarks and tourist attractions

  • Castle, home of the barons Guers largely destroyed during the Revolution. We can not precisely date the castle is the Chapel of St. John, former chapel of the castle dates from the twelfth century. At the end of the nineteenth century the castle housed a farm.
  • Church of Saint-Sulpice, in the Languedoc Gothic (thirteenth, fourteenth centuries).
  • St. Anthony’s Chapel, the former chapel of the sixteenth or seventeenth century. Flemish Louis Deschan retired there from 1701 to 1748 after killing an opponent in a duel.
  • Chapelle Saint-Nicolas de Talpuciac.


Castelnau de Guers, located 2 km from the campsite, provides :

  • a supermarket
  • a bar
  • a tobacconist
  • a bakery
  • a post office open Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 12:15 except Friday at 11:45 am
  • a hairdressing salon

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See the circuit of St Antoine

A walking path was marked from the camping to the village by the garrigue